Discover the transformative power of our aesthetic services and experience the radiant results you’ve always desired. Let our esthetician, Michele Costa, user her expertise to guide you on a path to healthier, more luminous skin, allowing your natural beauty to shine through. Book an appointment with Michele today and embark on a rejuvenating journey towards a more confident, revitalized you.

Explore our comprehensive range of aesthetic services below, from rejuvenating facials to innovative skincare treatments, and discover the perfect solution to enhance your natural beauty.

Med Spa Services

Indulge in the ultimate customized facial experience, tailored exclusively to meet your specific skincare needs. Whether you desire a brighter complexion, deep hydration, or to clear congested skin, this 60-minute facial is designed just for you. Immerse yourself in pure relaxation as you enjoy a deep double cleanse, gentle steam, a comprehensive skin analysis, exfoliation, precise extractions, soothing facial massage, rejuvenating mask, moisturizer, and lip conditioner. This facial also includes a luxurious shoulder, arm, and hand massage, elevating your overall experience. This facial serves as an ideal way to enhance and maintain the overall appearance of your skin, particularly when done regularly. We utilize customized masks, serums, and specialized face massage techniques to maximize the benefits. By combining targeted topical treatments with modalities like gua sha, high frequency, or lymphatic drainage, your skin will be left feeling firm, hydrated, rejuvenated, and impeccably clean.
Our Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion facial is designed to enhance your skin’s texture, circulation, and hydration while providing an instant youthful glow. This advanced procedure effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines, superficial acne scars, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and enlarged pores, while also aiding in acne treatment. Your experience includes a deep double cleanse, thorough skin analysis, soothing facial massage, nourishing mask, moisturizer, and lip conditioner. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a blissful shoulder, arm, and hand massage, adding an extra touch of relaxation. For optimal results, we recommend purchasing the Microdermabrasion treatment in a series, scheduled every 4-6 weeks.

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that effectively removes “peach fuzz” and eliminates dead skin cells using a specialized tool. This procedure offers a range of advantages, including the reduction of fine lines, enhanced absorption of skincare products, diminished hyperpigmentation and acne scarring, improved circulation, and refined skin texture. Dermaplaning can be performed every two weeks, although it is typically recommended when vellus hair begins to regrow, typically occurring within 3-4 weeks. During this treatment, you will also receive a deep cleanse and moisturizer, ensuring a comprehensive skincare experience that leaves your skin looking and feeling revitalized.

This procedure can be performed alone or cobined with chemical peels.

Treat yourself to a variety of chemical peels tailored to your unique skincare concerns. To ensure optimal results, we begin with a thorough consultation and skin analysis, allowing us to determine the most suitable peel for you. Chemical peels come in different levels, some requiring pre-treatment preparation at home. While certain peels may cause the skin to slough off more aggressively around days 3-4 post-application, others focus on exfoliation and deep pore cleansing without significant sloughing. For concerns like sun damage or acne, multiple peels may be necessary, with gradual improvement noticed after each session. Typically, a series of 6 or more peels is recommended for noticeable transformations. Following your chemical peel, it may be advised to avoid cosmetics for 7 to 10 days, and additional waiting time may be suggested for optimal healing and results. Trust our expert team to guide you through the process, ensuring a safe and effective chemical peel experience.

It is recommended to delay the use of the following ingredients 14 days before peeling: Tretinoin, Retin- A®, Renova®, Differin®, Tazorac®, Avage®, EpiDuo™, Ziana® and high-percentage AHA, BHA products, and discontinuing use of any prescription medications. Peels result in little to no downtime but create dramatic and visible results. Treatments may cause slight redness, tightness, peeling, flaking or temporary dryness for 5-10 days

Microneedling effectively renews and rejuvenates the skin. By creating microchannels in the skin, this procedure stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and other growth factors, leading to improved skin density and quality. During the treatment, a specialized serum is applied to the skin, followed by the use of a medical device containing ultra-fine needles that gently penetrate the skin, triggering the body’s natural healing process. The downtime associated with microneedling is very minimal, with possible temporary redness and mild swelling lasting only a few hours. Expect some flaking and dryness in the initial days following the treatment, as your skin undergoes a renewal process.

Dermaplaning, a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment, uses a specialized tool to effectively remove “peach fuzz” and eliminate dead skin cells. When combined with a suitable chemical peel, this procedure offers many benefits. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines, enhances the skin’s product absorption capacity, reduces hyperpigmentation and acne scarring, promotes circulation, and refines the skin’s texture.

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